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A team of entrepreneurs frustrated with the world of finance. That's why we formed Preneur Capital - here to help make it easier.

Our Story

Behind all great businesses are one or two passionate, driving entrepreneurs that make the impossible possible.

Elizabeth and Nathan met as part of their network in business. Both have a reasonable influence in the property investment and funding sectors, they originally trained as a statistician and a doctor (respectively), both now own successful businesses.

The pair came together out of a frustration working with property investors and entrepreneurs who required more flexible and personalised finance. As a result, they formed Preneur Capital to meet this market demand.

Andy worked alongside Elizabeth and Nathan before formally taking the operational role and then latterly becoming the owner of Preneur Capital via Shadowfax Funding Solutions Limited.

Preneur Capital is funded by Acre Lane Capital, and not all situations or projects fit our funding partner.  We have found we can help most situations even if it is not a good fit by asking the team at Shadowfax Funding Solutions to help.  We  have never forgotten the reason why Preneur Capital was created and always strive for the best outcome for our clients.


Exceptional businesses are built with exceptional management, and management is all about people.

Elizabeth Baitson


With a prestigious career spanning over 15 years in finance, Elizabeth has worked at Citi Group, HSBC, Impetus and operated as a freelance broker and wealth connector.

Nathan Winch


With over 12 years experience in business, Nathan has started, raised investment, grown and sold companies in the healthcare and SaaS spaces. He now owns a boutique private equity firm deploying dynamic growth capital as both equity and debt.  Nathan took a back seat in the business before selling  his shares in Preneur in early 2022.

Andy Bissett


Andy has over 20 years experience in commercial finance working for both high street banks and private lenders.  Andy also has operational experience working internationally in the steel industry and also set up and runs Shadowfax Funding Solutions which is a commercial finance broker.  

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Preneur Capital Ltd offers unregulated commercial bridging loans.
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